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Since the disease is of minocin origin and difficult to diagnose (it is impossible to do this at home), it is necessary to use universal methods of treatment that are suitable for the treatment of other bacterial infections. Antibiotics such as chloramphenicol (capsule release form) or furazolidone (tablet release form) have the best effect. Medicines are supplied to pharmacies, dispensed without a prescription. Since antibiotics can damage the biological filter, a quarantine aquarium is necessary for speech.

minocycline pills: Chloramphenicol - the contents of the capsule should be mixed with food at the rate of 1 capsule (250 mg) per 25 g. stern. Feed for 6 days. Furazolidone - crush 10 tablets (1 tablet - 50 mg) and mix 25 gr. stern. Feed for 6 days.

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In cattle, the infection is transmitted during mating, arts, insemination with sperm from sick bulls, when sick animals are kept together with healthy ones. Sheep are infected preim. through infected feed and water to pasture. The source of infection is aborted fetuses and vaginal discharge from aborted sheep.

Control measures: sick animals are isolated and treated, infected rooms are thoroughly disinfected. Sheep are taken out of minocycline pills barns or pastures. In order to prevent abortions and reduce lethargy in herds that are unfavorable for V., antibiotics are administered intrauterinely to cows and heifers during estrus. Pregnant women with prophylactic the purpose is to give antibiotics with food.

The initial form is Vibriosis, accusative, the word usually does not have a plural, singular, masculine, inanimate.

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Bacteria belonging to the genus Campylobacter were first identified in 1909 and have been known to cause miscarriage in domestic animals. For the first time, these microorganisms were isolated from humans by R. Vincent et al. in 1947, since 1972, cases of diarrhea and bacteremia in children caused by Campylobacter have been described. In recent years, as a result of special studies on the detection of campylobacter, their importance as an etiological factor in diarrheal diseases in humans has been established.

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Campylobacter is oxidase-positive, does not oxidize or ferment carbohydrates, does not liquefy gelatin, gives negative reactions with methyl red and Voges-Proskauer. According to the thermostable O‑antigen and the thermolabile H‑antigen, C. jejuni are divided into dozens of biovars. Campylobacter have common antigens with brucellosis and yersiniosis pathogens. The ability of some strains of Campylobacter to produce enterotoxin is important.

Pathogens are stable in the external environment, at a temperature of 4 °C they can persist in soil, water, milk for several weeks, and Campylobacter bacteria remain viable in frozen meat for several months.

The data accumulated in recent years indicate a certain role of campylobacter in the pathogenesis (and possibly etiology) of acute and chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. In connection with the discovered special biological properties and morphological features, Campylobacter pylori was isolated from the genus Campylobacter and assigned to Helicobacter pylori. Most researchers recognize Helicobacter pylori as a predisposing factor in the development of gastritis, duodenitis and peptic ulcer.